aka D1zzy

D1zzy is Lrry’s bigger brother. I started with a VW Passat engine and gearbox, same as the early Golf 1.6 TDI diesel engine but mounted linear with a transaxle gearbox. I knew this wouldn’t be as fast of a build as Lrry as I already had some improvements in mind.


I also knew he would be quite a bit heavier…in the end he weighs in at about 1400kgs. The engine is mounted in the middle of the chassis/body with the gearbox facing forward which is actually backwards as to how it was mounted in the car originally. That means I use reverse to go forward and first gear as reverse.


This is fine going forward but first gear is of a higher ration than reverse so he actually wants to move faster going backwards which causes him to tip forward raising the back wheels off the ground and takes some getting used to and means you have to put your weight as far back as possible, having a passenger helps in this situation!


D1zzy also has a Suzuki jeep front axle mounted as his rear axle meaning he has rear wheel steering like Lrry but a hydraulic drive can also be engaged to give him a push when the legs aren’t getting enough traction. Another added feature is a 500 watt ghetto blaster for sounds.