Lrry-1 was born out of a necessity to have a working machine that could be ready for use within a few short months. In fact after the time and money consuming learning process that Hebby was, I decided that a lightweight simple walking machine was the way to go.


I set out to build a raptor hybrid with two legs and a smallish wheel at the back to balance him. The plan was to use another Citroen 2CV engine and gearbox like I used for Wrecks and once I chose the best looking one of the few engines I had laying about and once I had removed the differential and welded it up solid so that a sprocket could be attached to the drive output, I set about building the frame which had to have the shape of a reptile…at least a little bit.


Hoping to sit on this thing and walk out of the workshop in 6 weeks I worked pretty solid on it and in fact by 8 weeks I was able to try to take his first steps. He had a huge tail which moved mechanically in phase with the legs … it was meant to shift it’s weight and counter balance the machine so his legs could move forward off the ground.


It sort of worked but kept breaking the pivot points and was really difficult to maneuver. Eventually I opted for a rear axle with steering and two wheels to tame the beast.