Small Sculpture

Early in life Lyle Rowell began working with, and learning from found and discarded objects. Everything from bicycles, lawnmowers, washing machines, televisions and toasters all went under the knife. Cruel amputations and unceremonious autopsies were performed to discover the cause of death or examine the life functions on the still living. Being a self taught welder, mechanic and surgeon to most types of machines, proved valuable when some years later, influenced largely by science fiction/fantasy films, books and illustrators, his life took an artistic direction.

(Un)Fortunately waste is everywhere and it isn’t going away. As long as humans exist, there will be waste. Living in a squatted house in Manchester with ten or more others who, like himself, were always dragging home anything they found in the streets, meant there was no shortage of materials close at hand. He began creating small sculptures, creatures from his fantasies, skeletal limbs, hands and skulls, from the metal rubbish he had found.

He continues to create sculpture, here some examples.